Office of The Principal Accountant General (A & E)

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure of conversion of an advance to part final withdrawal?
A subscriber may, at his discretion by written request, convert the balance outstanding under a temporary advance into a part-final withdrawal after satisfying conditions laid down in Rules 15-A to 15-I.
What is the delegation of financial powers for sanctioning ta / pfw?
What is the procedure for gpf final withdrawal (closure)?
How to Apply for Closure?
When does a subscriber get the Annual Accounts Statement?
Where to get the GPF Slips?
What is the procedure for adjustment of missing credits/ debits?
What are Missing Debits?
How to adjust missing debits?
What happens when missing debits are not settled immediately?
What are the facilities available for grievance redressal of GPF related issues?
Do’s for GPF subscribers:
Do’s and Don’t’s in the preparation of GPF Schedules by DDOs