Office of The Principal Accountant General (A & E)

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will a retired Government Servant get his/her Pensionary benefits?
Pensionary benefits are authorized within two months from the date of receipt of Pension proposals from the department/ Pension Sanctioning Authority in complete shape in A.G's Office.
What is the procedure for drawing Pensionary benefits?
What are the reasons for the difference in the pensionary benefits calculated by the Department and that admitted by A.G.?
What is the reason for withholding a part of pensionary benefits?
What is the procedure to be followed when the party copy of the authorisation has not been received by the Pensioner?
Who is eligible to receive Family Pension?
How to get PPO transferred from one district to another district?
How to get the PPO transferred from AP to another state?